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Do you want to know how I really feel? Then you have come to the right place. See what happens when I stop being nice, and start being real...

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Also, the white trans experience has trumped trans people of color’s experience. This is another factor that arrests development for some trans people of color. We go online and do research on transfolks and only get the white trans experience, which isn’t ours–so there’s no way that we could be trans, right? Also there are other issues in being out and trans which seems to be what white transmen push for. As they become visible as trans, there may be backlash…but they are still a white man with privilege. As soon as we transition to be black men, our lives get much more difficult–especially if we are trans organizers. There is a lot of pressure to stay “stealth” and invisible within communities of color because who really wants the added marginalization and discrimination? It is hard enough to be a black man. Now you’ve got to worry about being accepted within your community, church, schools and jobs? Many say, “No, thank you.” And you know…some white transmen call us cowards for that. Cowards. Because they have no idea the experience of intersecting identities of being a person of color and queer among other identities.

The New Masculinity: Redefining Ourselves, Emerging From Our Cocoons

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